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Ceo'nun Mesajı

Ceo'nun Mesajı

Our Esteemed Customers and Valuable Business Partners, 

We are happy to say hello to you with our catalog containing our new product collection. This year is a special year for us. We celebrate the 20th anniversary of our partnership together.

 I would like to present our new investments and developments related to our company while sharing our very exciting new products which are special in honor of our 20th year. First of all, we have made great strides in our goal of producing robust, aesthetic, and comfortable products that meet the expected quality level all over the world. By increasing our material and workmanship quality, even more, we are progressing with full speed to reach excellence in the way of maximizing customer satisfaction. 

 We have a strong franchising organization with over 70 branches in Turkey and 40 in all over the world. Especially with our breakthrough in the field of exports, we are exporting 70% of our products to the whole world, mostly Europe.

We crowned this breakthrough in quality and sales by strengthening our production infrastructure. Our new investments; bedrooms, dining rooms, and bedsteads were put into operation at full capacity. Together with our metal factory and sofa production factory, we are in an effort to offer you the best products with a total of 400 employees in 5 factories. 

 Along with our bedroom models, in order to offer you the best options for bedding, we have established strategic cooperation with the Altın Yatak bedding company, which has a deep-rooted history and strong production infrastructure. You will be able to easily access Altın Yatak bedding products from our stores. 

 Since 2000 when we founded Saloni; We are proud to work with our full power to serve you with our stronger production infrastructure, without sacrificing our values, to maintain a moral and trust-based trade with our customers, to produce quality and functionalproducts, to provide a peaceful and pleasant working environment for their employees. 

Best regards,

Haluk Özbek CEO