Corporate Identity Guide

As Saloni Mobilya, we gained success with our right moves in line with our strategies that we carried onto international platforms. In this period when we reinforce our leadership and change at a global pace each day, we also inevitably focused our attention on brand investments and activities.

The strength of Saloni brand is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors enabling us to be competitive in furniture and its equipment. Today, Saloni logotype (Saloni symbol and Saloni inscription) alone has become a communication tool and a common signature which the public easily associates with our community.

This renewed Saloni Corporate Identity Guide sets forth the new areas of usage needed to protect the Saloni logotype, which has become an asset for all of us, and to carry it onto the future. With this study, our aim is to ensure that our Saloni logotype is used in a balanced and consistent manner, with an architecture providing a positive contribution to our company’s communications.

We formulated the rules and examples of practice you will see in the Guide meticulously by obtaining the opinions of both our companies and our customers. Please take time to review this Guide, refer to the relevant section of the Guide when you need to use the Saloni logotype and contact us whenever you need.

We prepared our corporate identity under the leadership of Özge Pişiren TÜRKOĞLU, by working minutely with ANL Creative, our company’s graphic designer Abdullah Şen and his team. Of course, what is important, as much as the Guide’s quality, is using it correctly and turning it into a reference book that is used all the time. Within this framework, we will be organizing communication meetings to gather with relevant professionals from our companies about the efficient use of our Guide.

Our Guide will be a living book and continue to develop and grow with your opinions. We will inform you as the Guide is updated. While making these updates, your opinions as the creators and managers of many valued, successful and loved brands will be indispensable for us. Please always keep in touch with our Corporate Communication Directorate for any matter you are unsure about.

Corporate Identity Guide

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