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Saloni Mobilya has adopted the principle of providing high quality products which make customers’ lives easier and richer since its foundation. Acting with an understanding of customer satisfaction and environmental awareness, defines the secret of its success ad “quality product, outstanding sales force and effective after sale services”.

The secret of Saloni Mobilya’s success is the “product quality, strong sales organization and effective after sale services” since the first day of its foundation.

In all the markets we take part today, our relationships with our customers do not end with sales; to the contrary, it starts when they purchase our products and continues. Our customer satisfaction model has been standardized and it shapes our policy which accentuates our “Total Quality Principle” as the essence of being customer-oriented at the heart of the job.

Saloni Mobilya Customer Satisfaction Policy

As Saloni Mobilya, we have adopted a customer-oriented approach with the main principle of delivering a seamless customer experience, whereby the requests and suggestions of all the customers we serve can easily be conveyed from every channel (Call Center (444 75 64), e-mail (, www., fax, letter, social media, dealer) without discrimination based on customer profile; customers are informed within 24 hours that their requests and suggestions have reached us and has been transferred to relevant departments; the whole process is gathered in a single traceable, reportable, transparent and safe data pool; these records are handled in an objective, fair and confidential manner in compliance with legal regulations and the processes are continuously controlled and improved.

Parallel to our approach, all processes have been integrated into the management system and a reciprocally controlling structure has been developed; management targets are also fed via this system.

For Saloni Call Center: 444 75 64

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Process of Evaluating the Service Request

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