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In the face of the constantly changing technology and fashion, people want to feel modern in their homes as well. Designers who shape the world we live in present their designs to the world so that we feel more comfortable within a perspective of style, comfort and ergonomics. Saloni’s collection in these catalogues contains products provided to you to bring the modern world to your homes. We call this collection

“intelligent furniture”.

Balance and Harmony - 2019 New Collection

Elated Houses, Full of Peace

A highly driven, limitlessly free, most stylistic brand that off ers an exploration of the fringes for a sector that is in search for a new strain and which finds itself in the endless saloni.

An orchestra where artists who know the notes and specialize in diff erent instruments come together.

2019 New Collection

2019 New COLLECTİON PDF Download!

2018 Sofa Collection


DAY & NIGHT 2018

DAY & NIGHT 2018 PDF Download!


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We are extremely excited about presenting our new creation to you, that we have been working on with great devotion and effort. It’s indescribable to have a pleasure for lightspeed running to our goals; as we do for our each new collection.

In our new collection; our creation that we call “modern” will greet you. You will explore our products that have been designed with a simple, plain but modern concept; on the other side, you will be enchanted by the magnificance of our “modern luxury” series, and will see how gold and wood were blended with touching of modernizm. “Minimalism” that always keeps its serenity, too, will be on display with the motto of “ great ideas for small houses”; and feel the touching of plainness on design again.

We know that we need;

  • Different dreams to create a difference,
  • Working hard for different dreams,
  • Resolution for working hard.

We will keep on crowning this resolution with the “quality” and “robustness” of Saloni, and have different dreams for you. The most important thing is that we will keep on sharing your dreams...

Saloni Furniture SOFA COLLECTION 2017/02 PDF Download!

Saloni Furniture DAY & NIGHT COLLECTION 2017/02 PDF Download!

Saloni Furniture Catalogue 2016/01 PDF Download!

a new approach beyond traditional

Saloni proudly presents the newest spectacular special edition collection: COLORIUM. Entering through a world of immense color schemes and sensational textile combinations and items, one is immediately enchanted by the eye-catching atmospehere and the exciting interpretation of products. Though in line with the forthcoming trends, Saloni looks towards a totally different inspiration: the Joy and relaxation in home decoration using the combination of happy colors and appealing patterns, in an effort to bring elements of the different themes as the goemetric, bohemian ethnic, tropic and pop art concepts. What makes Saloni’s new special edition series Colorium so distinctive is its obvious courage of the use of bright colors and patterns that are inspired by the beautiful things in real life. As you become familiar with the products, it is smoothly sensed the use of an eclectic mix of patterns totaly derived by the beauty of nature from a parrots sparkling color palette to the rain forests deep and mistic jungle atmosphere. Sometimes you can find a sofa printed in huge and incredibly refreshing flowers in all over. This is the way Saloni’s COLORIUM wants to gather happiness and comfort without a hitch to the environments. Highly fashionable yet sustainable, COLORIUM offers it well-equipped range of collection to the young hearts and art lovers. Combination of sofas, furniture and accessorries of challenging styles, it is a fact of joy to addapt the decoration to the homes. Using the mix of patterns and cheery items, Saloni gives you the assence of relaxation and the chance to break the rules of traditional decoration. As a matter of fact, COLORIUM is a new approach that you can not want to miss!

Colorium Catalogue 2017/01 PDF Download!

Saloni Furniture Catalogue 2015/01 PDF Download!

Saloni Furniture Catalogue 2005 PDF Download!

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