The Havana Sofa Set combines comfort with modern design with high comfort removable cushions. When you want to remove the cushions can be cleaned in the sitting section of the seat of the filling was made of goose down. The Havana Sofa Set will accommodate your dreams you want to create at home with modern minimal design and color options.


  1. Our Havana model has 3 modules.
  2. It is a product that will provide you convenience in terms of cleaning with fixed backrest and mobile session cushions.
  3. Thanks to its fine skeleton structure, it offers a totally different experience in terms of visuality and comfort.
  4. Our model is manufactured by mounting arms and backs on a 250 mm MDF plate and a CNC cut sheet metal foot mounted on a metal frame mounted on the foot.
  5. Havana's session is the CNC cut sponge.
  6. Extra goose down filler was used on the eco-filled 35 soft sponge we used in the session section on the 8th feather sponge.
  7. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.



Mechanical Engineer
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