Metropol Seats Team, a stylish example of modern style; it can be turned into a bed with its easy-moving mechanism. It provides a comfortable session with a high comfort sponge that takes the shape of the body. The Metropol Sofa Set has wooden legs and adds a classical look to the furniture as well as a modern look. From the sofa set models that will fit easily into every home!


  1. The 3-module of our metropolitan model is a special design that can be very easy to bear.
  2. Thanks to the PBS mechanism that is available in our product, you can turn your seat into a comfortable seat for two persons in 140x180 cm dimensions with easy movement.
  3. We design our products and ourselves ourselves, we produce ourselves.
  4. The session of the Metropol is the CNC cut sponge. The dimensions and comfort features on this page have been standardized.
  5. The 35 soft danish sponge we use in the session is the first class sponge which increases resistance as the load increases, improves the comfort of the body by taking shape of the body and has a long service life.
  6. Contrary to the thin sponge image of 5 cm in size, the sponge support in the session under the session provides a more comfortable session at the session.
  7. The backfill material of our back cushions is a mix of goose feather, chop sponge and bead silicone, removable sheath that can be washed by following the washing instructions.
  8. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.


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