The Milan Sofa Team, which goes the way of the minimal Scandinavian lines, brings home the design concept that will never wear out. The spacious living area, with its high comfort cushions, adds warmth to your room. If you prefer comfort in the modern age, where needs are changing in living spaces, the Milan Sofa Set is an alternative that can enhance the comfort level of your life.


  1. Our Milan model is a design that provides extra comfort to our customers who prefer a comfortable and shabby appearance.
  2. Our Milan model is a multi-purpose model consisting of single, rest and corner modules.
  3. Despite the absence of the Milan model mechanism, the thinner arm structure allows for wider session characteristics. Contrary to the 5 cm thin sponge image, the sponge support under the session provides a more comfortable session at the session.
  4. Milan's session is the CNC cut sponge. The dimensions and comfort features on this page have been standardized.
  5. The 35 soft danish flexi sponge we use in the session is the first class sponge that increases resistance as the load increases and increases the comfort of the body by taking shape of the body and has a long service life.
  6. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.



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