If your preference is classic, then Porto Corner Sofa Set offers stylish design with fabric that enhances your comfort. Different color options give you freedom and details bring innovation to your home. What you are looking for in a corner sofa set is that it has the colors to match your home, and the width of the corner corner sofa sets between the models of the Porto Corner sofa is a special place.


  1. Our Porto model is a product that can be preferred both as a relaxation module and a standard seat set with 3, 2 and 3 corner modules.
  2. It is a product that will provide you convenience in terms of cleaning with movable and removable seat cushions while adding elegance to your home with its fixed back and arm top capitons.
  3. Porto's session is the CNC cut sponge.
  4. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.

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