Social Responsibility


Environmental Awareness, Full Support for Education


As Saloni Mobilya, we comply with national and international legislations and regulations, and produce environmentally friendly products within the framework of an environment management system based on sustainable development.

  • By managing our activities to ensure
  • Transferring a clean and healthy environment to the next generations,
  • Using energy and natural resources efficiently,
  • Reducing negative environmental effects in all processes from design to end of life cycle,
  • Preventing pollution at the source,
  • Increasing environmental awareness of our employees and the society, we work with all our might to become an example entity in the durable goods sector with our environmental pioneering.

As Saloni, we carry out projects towards forestation and protection of the natural life in our region.

  • We developed projects and provided sponsorship for İnegöl-Domaniç road side refuges, picnic fields, fountains and cleaning the wastes in streams. We took an important step towards the protection of the nature and environmental awareness.
  • As Saloni Mobilya, we have been planting saplings in Yenişehir Ovacık Region Forestation Area in the name of our consumers in return for their shopping from our corporate stores periodically every year since 2012.


As Saloni Mobilya, we award scholarships to students every year.

  • One of our basic working principles since we founded the Saloni brand has been “carrying out activities that are beneficial to the society we live in”. In order to protect this ideal, we have been trying to support students in various schools within the framework of our brand’s resources for years. We are rightfully proud of witnessing the graduation of some of our students whom we supported until now by providing scholarship facilities. Since Haluk Özbek, the founder and general director of Saloni continued his education by “receiving a scholarship”, our brand’s perspective of this very important social responsibility activity is especially dear to us. For this reason, we will continue to increase and challenge our resources with the aim of supporting more young students and increasing the number of our scholarship holders. Our communication with our students is not only limited to providing scholarships; we also assist them in their internship processes and contribute to shaping their careers with our experience. Saloni is determined to take these activities seriously and carry them out in a consistent manner.

As Saloni Mobilya, we organize culture and innovation expeditions.

  • We organize periodic trips with the aim of enabling students to acquire a cultural background, imbuing them with a sense of history and enabling them to follow high end technology. Within the scope of these projects, we are planning to organize various trips with the students to be determined in the following days.

To apply for a scholarship, please fill in the Scholarship Application Form.

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