Supplier Relationships


Supplier Relationships

Saloni Mobilya Purchasing Department pursues regular activities to find suppliers which can provide for today’s and tomorrow’s needs; create cooperation and synergy with shared strategy, ideas and project development, with the capacity to enable it to move forward in terms of price and quality.

Expanding the supplier portfolio is important in terms of both guaranteeing quality and establishing productive cooperation.

Candidate suppliers are subjected to analyses and investigations considering factors such as:

  • Areas of development
  • Vision, stability and continuity,
  • Reputation and experience,
  • Flexibility and support guarantee,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Strength of financial structure,
  • Partnership structure
  • Compliance with business and sustainability standards.

After the “candidate company analysis”, candidates which are found to be successful and appropriate for Saloni Mobilya are added to the supplier portfolio by signing a Framework and Confidentiality Contract and Company Commitment Letter.

While choosing firms, for firms which we used to work with, but which were black listed for any reason, re-enlistment in the approved supplier list requires assessment procedures that can only start after obtaining the approvals of Technical, Legal and Accounting Departments.

You can also apply to us by using the Supplier Application Form.

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